Mums defend woman’s decision to breastfeed her three year old despite her husband saying others might judge her

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  • Parents have defended one mum’s decision to continue breastfeeding her toddler, despite her husband saying she should keep it a secret.

    The mother opened up about her situation on a parenting forum, explaining how she’s trying to limit the number of feeds she gives her little girl.

    ‘My dh [darling husband] mentioned that I shouldn’t tell anyone that I still breast feed as they will judge now that our child is three and that I should think about stopping,’ she wrote on Mumsnet.

    ‘I only feed her once a day but she loves it and doesn’t want to stop. Last time I said “you’re getting a bit big for milkies now”, she said that she loved it and didn’t want to get any bigger or grow up and more.’

    Keen to find out others’ thoughts on the matter, she concluded: ‘What is the general view? Is she too old?’

    Many were quick to share their support for the mum, arguing that breastfeeding is great for a little one’s development.

    ‘Due to various circumstances, I only breastfed mine for a year. Personally, I think what you’re doing is so completely right from a developmental and health point of view,’ commented one.

    ‘And a lot of research backs you up. Quite honestly I envy you, and I think your child is so lucky to have this wonderful experience.’

    Another added: ‘Nope you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. It’s quite common actually. I have 3 friends that do and have met lots more people over the past 3 years of be a SAHM that have fed until 3/4. How many 3 year olds still have bottles of milk, dummies, all those little comforts? They’re still tiny and it’s their way to relax, just the same as I’d have a nice cup of tea or glass of wine on a Friday evening.’

    A third individual, however, appeared to side with the woman’s husband.

    ‘Honestly I wouldn’t be telling people outside bf group. I’m personally not a fan of extended bf. I would never say or make comments but in my head I would think it’s a bit odd tbh,’ they said.

    What do you think? How old is too old to be breastfed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!