This dad’s INCREDIBLE Disney costumes take dress up to the next level

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  • If your kids like the costumes in the Disney store, they’ll going to LOVE these…

    Nephi Garcia is a 32-year-old dad living in California. He also happens to be a dress designer, having worked in high fashion for years – and since starting a family, he’s turned his hand to creating the most incredible Disney dresses we’ve ever seen.

    The idea came about when Nephi made a Fairy Godmother outfit for his daughter Lilli to wear on a trip to Disneyland, and other visitors were desperate to find out where it was from.

    ‘The following day, I got an order for 10 costumes,’ he tells Buzzfeed News.

    Since then, Nephi has designed and made costumes inspired by dozens of Disney characters, from Belle from Beauty and the Beast to Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.

    ‘Lili really loves the transformation dresses,’ he adds. ‘And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston.’

    One of his most admired creations on Instagram is the Cinderella wedding dress, which uses wire and fake birds to achieve this adorable finish:

    But whichever film your little ones are fans of, there’s an incredible costume waiting for them too.

    We're packing up our bags!!! So here's an update on what's going on in our crazy lives! We moved from SoCal to Utah to sell our old home (it's almost sold!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ) and after we sell it, we're moving South to buy an old Catholic Church and converting it into a home/castle!!! We'll be using the chapel part as a throne room and open up a princess company to share the magic to our new community! We will still visit #disneyland as often as we can since my folks still lives ten minutes away from the park and they'll be sad if we took away their grandkids ☺️ so wish us luck with the move and once were settled, we'll open up our castle for everyone 😁☺️

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    Unsurprisingly, the dresses take Nephi anywhere from 4-6 hours to make. ‘I hate repeating designs, so I always try to vary each dress so that they’re unique,’ he says.

    ‘I don’t charge cheaply, but I also don’t deliver a cheap product.’

    So the question on everyone’s lips is – how can you actually get your hands on one of the amazing pieces? Well, according to his social media accounts, everything he’s already made is sold out, but you can email him on with a custom request.

    Prices start from $500 – but he does add that ‘we’re working on a mass-produced Designer Daddy line to accomodate all budgets’.

    Oh, and just in case you were wondering – yes, he does make them in adult sizes too.