School love note lands boy, nine, in potential sexual harassment case

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  • A schoolboy in Florida has found himself in the headmaster’s office under possible sexual harassment charges for sending a love note.

    The note, which was the second he had sent to another pupil in the year five class, was allegedly ‘unwanted’ and if it continued would result in a sexual harassment case.

    The nine-year-old boy in Tampa, Florida, initially wrote the note because the girl ‘made me smile’ and he had taken a liking to her during the school year.

    Many people have been known to pen a romantic letter to their first school crush, but this lead to a little more than being held back after class.

    Describing why she was the object of his affections, the note included compliments such as ‘your eyes sparkle like diamonds’, ‘we wear the same uniform’ and ‘your hair is never sloppy’.

    It was obvious the boy had taken great time over crafting the note, drawing a large heart with the message ‘I like you’ written inside.


    It doesn’t appear that there were any sexual undertones evident in the message and his mother protested; ‘He doesn’t even know what sexual harassment is.’

    Despite this, his classmates apparently mocked him for wearing his heart on his sleeve and insisted he just wanted to ‘see the girl naked’.

    It was at this point that the school board decided to take action and made the reference to the potential lawsuit if the boy wrote a third note.

    His mother continued to defend her son’s actions; ‘What little kid doesn’t write love notes?’

    In 2013 a similar incident occurred in Colorado, USA, when a six-year-old boy was accused of sexual harassment for kissing a female student’s hand.

    Hunter Yelton, who was in year one, was suspended from school and was only reinstated after his mother refused to back down.

    ‘How can you do this? How can you say this about my child? Remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record.’

    What do you think, were the school right to bring ‘sexual harassment’ into this case or was it a step too far? Leave a comment below!