Nutritionist bans her children from eating birthday cake

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  • Nutritionist Tonia Buxton has faced heavy criticism after revealing that she doesn't let her children eat sugar, including birthday cake at children's parties in an attempt to stop them gaining weight.

    For many people, no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake.

    Whether it’s a classic Victoria sponge, a triple chocolate layer cake or something more fruity, it’s rare to find someone celebrating their birthday without a cake.

    School and office birthdays often mean an endless supply of the sweet stuff throughout the year, but surely it’s okay to indulge a little?

    Nutritionist Tonia Buxton has made the decision to intervene when it comes to what her children can eat at their friend’s birthday parties however, and cake is strictly off-limits.

    Speaking on Good Morning Britain the adamant mother explained that given sugar is as addictive as cocaine she doesn’t want her children to consume it.

    Tonia stressed that allowing children to have one slice of cake at a party leaves them wanting more.

    Our Oreo birthday cake would definitely be off-limits… 

    She said: ‘Cakes and sugar are everywhere and so it’s my job as a parent to govern my child, they can’t self govern themselves, so that’s why I have to stop them having sugar. Sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine, so once [they] have one they go crazy, they’re running around, they want more, and then another hit and another hit.’

    Tonia added: ‘You’re better off not having any, and then having something that’s better for you’.

    The mum-of-four showed off a courgette and cardamon cake as an example of the kind of healthy treat her children were allowed.

    Tonia with her husband and four children 

    Good Morning Britain viewers were incredibly split by the interview with many stressing that sugar consumption is all about moderation and not allowing her children to join in the fun at their friend’s birthdays could leave them feeing isolated.

    Fixating on the weight gain could also cause her children, who range in age from 10 upwards, to develop an unhealthy relationship with their diet.

    One person tweeted: ‘Food is not problem, lack of exercise is!!!!! Let kids be kids!!!!’

    Another said: ‘Omg really??? This is getting stupid!!! How about sweets go back to being a treat like it was when i grew up not a everyday diet!!! That’s the excitement of going to party as a kid the cakes and sweets, didn’t have them everyday at home.’

    A third viewer added: ‘Oh god heard it all now with this woman. Leave people be to parent their own children. Have a cake and enjoy life. God if that was my mother!! What a boring woman.’

    What do you think about banning your child from eating birthday cake as a way to reduce their sugar consumption? We’d love to hear your thoughts so share them over on our Facebook page! 

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