Woman who wanted to be ‘fattest in the world’ slims down to start a family

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  • A woman who last year was on track to become the ‘fattest woman in the world’ returned to This Morning via video link to explain how she lost 15 stone to fall pregnant.

    During their first interview with Phil and Holly, which aired last September, Texas-based Sid and Monica revealed their unusual hobby, which saw Sid feeding his partner up to 10,000 calories a day through a funnel, as a form of foreplay.

    But now the couple have revealed their heartache at suffering two miscarriages, and spoken out about how they’ve now been able to achieve their dream of starting a family together.


    Ex-model Monica explained, ‘After my two miscarriages and knowing that I want to have a family, once I got pregnant this third time we sat down and had a discussion…

    ‘What do we feel like the main cause is, what can we do to prevent this happening again in future,’ boyfriend Sid added.

    After identifying the issue as Monica’s weight and unhealthy lifestyle, the couple made the decision to ‘overhaul’ their diets to increase their chances of falling pregnant.

    Monica’s pregnancy is still categorised as ‘high-risk’, and Sid explains that she’s being induced at five weeks early. The couple stress that their new healthy eating habits are something they’ll impart to their child when they arrive.

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    ‘I don’t have a target weight, we’re just trying to get me in “healthier area”‘, said Monica.

    ‘But my doctor doesn’t fully recommend to lose a lot of weight at this moment, we’re just trying to get me eating better.’

    Drawing on comments from their previous interview, when the couple revealed how the funnel-feeding had a sexual nature, Phil asked, ‘There was a sexuality to the funnel feeding, and now you’re missing out on it for the sake of your health – how is missing out on it as a form of sexual pleasure?’

    But Sid was quick to point out that like any other couple, they enjoyed a varied sex life, made up of lots of different aspects.

    He said, ‘I’m in love with her as a person, it’s not just [the feeding] that I was in love with, I’m in love with her. She’s my soul mate.’

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