Mum slams OUTRAGEOUS wedding invitation for £5,500 week of celebrations

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  • One outraged forum user has shared the ludicrous wedding invitation she and her husband received – from a couple they weren’t even friends with any more!

    ‘We have been “invited” to a wedding WEEK in the USA, prices starting from £3k,’ the mum explains in the Mumsnet post, which has currently amassed nearly 300 responses.

    ‘[There are} 5 organised events, each with their own dress code, and given a link to the Amazon wish list/registry where the cheapest item is £300!’

    She says that children are welcome on the holiday but not at the ceremony (meaning extra childcare costs, even if they could afford to take them along), and that they’re expected to contribute to the bride’s accommodation to ‘show our love’. Total costs, she estimates, equate to £5,500 for the week.

    Wondering if she’d ‘won Mumsnet wedding stories’, the mum asked fellow forum users ‘So, come on, what do I win??’

    And, predictably, commenters were as outraged as she was!

    ‘You win one fewer friend or relative when you drop them like a stone!’ one pointed out.

    ‘In seriousness, unless it’s your sister or something and it’s going to end up being a week’s holiday with immediate family, being invited to spend that on a destination not of your choice is unlikely to result in many positive RSVPs.’

    ‘We had 11 days in Florida for about that,’ agrees another. ‘Villa, flights, transfers, car hire and Disney. I am gobsmacked at the entitled twats.’

    Some were a little less forthcoming, suggesting the story was so far-fetched she might have simply made it up.

    ‘I want some form of photographic proof of all this before you can claim your prize. Feel free to redact names,’ wrote one commenter.

    Another added, ‘I’m not sure you can win without proof. It sounds too grabby to be true!’

    ‘Either way, you win an Oxfam goat to pass on as your off-registry wedding gift,’ concluded a third.

    What’s the most outrageous wedding request you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below

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