'You just grew a life!' Fans support Paloma Faith after she shares concerns about 'maternity fat'

'Give yourself a break'

Paloma Faith has confessed that she's worried about 'maternity fat' after giving birth to her first child in December 2016.

The singer and former The Voice UK star took to Instagram to voice her concerns, sharing a picture of herself and writing: 'I cut a fringe now all I need to do is cut off this maternity fat (I hate people who stay thin in pregnancy WHY WHY WHY) #problemsiwishididntcareabout #notveryfeminist'

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Paloma's 370,000 followers were quick to rush to her defence, with one writing: 'You're beautiful don't matter what', and another adding: 'Your beauty shines through no matter what!!!! Big big love @palomafaith ❤️❤️❤️'

Some offered advice on how Paloma could exercise and adjust her eating to feel healthier: 'No carbs and 10 minutes workout videos on YouTube everyday, whilst spud was asleep worked for me', one said, although Paloma soon replied: 'can't do no carbs breastfeeding I will die!'

'I know it's not very "celeb" but why not give Slimming World a try. You can do it from home/online. And it's backed by midwives/GPS etc so perfectly fine to do after giving birth and whilst breastfeeding,' a second suggested.

However, many simply celebrated the 35-year-old's plight and told her to 'give herself a break', assuring her that she is 'beautiful from inside and out'.

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Comedian Ellie Jane Taylor said to Paloma: 'Beauts fringe! And as for the baby stuff- dude you just grew A LIFE! Give yourself a break. It took 9 months to grow a baby, so give yourself at least that long before you even look at a pair of skinny jeans.'

'Just enjoy it,' another commenter agreed. 'Your body is awesome because you just created and birthed an actual person! Go you!❤️👍🏻'

'We love you for who you are,' a third chimed in. 'All the wobbly bits make it all more real @palomafaith you look gorgeous.'


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