Paloma Faith reveals the reason why she WON’T share her baby’s gender

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  • Paloma Faith has revealed the reason why she will not be revealing her baby’s gender.

    The mum, who welcomed her first child in 2016, had previously revealed that she would be raising her child ‘gender neutral’.

    However, Paloma has now explained that she does refer to the child by their gender in private, but she won’t be disclosing if she had a boy or a girl because she doesn’t think being in the spotlight in ‘healthy’ for children.

    Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: ‘I refer to my child as ‘they’ in public. In private I refer to them as their gender.

    ‘I don’t believe that celebrity culture is healthy for a child.’

    Discussing how becoming a mother has changed her outlook in life, she said: ‘When you become a parent everything makes you look outward, and makes you think what do I want to teach.

    Paloma opened up about her decision on Good Morning Britain

    ‘My heart sings when I see little boys pushing buggies because that means they’re learning about being caring.’

    Paloma first said that she would be raising her child ‘gender neutral’ in October, in an interview with The Mirror.

    She said: ‘I love being a mum. I want two or three kids in all and they’ll be gender neutral.’

    However, she later explained that her decision had more to do with privacy than the identity.

    ‘I think people are getting confused between the privacy element and the gender neutrality’, she said on Lorraine in December.

    ‘They might be shy and might not want people to know that I’m their mum so I’m not going to put that on them.

    ‘So that’s one thing and then the other thing is that I believe it’s very important for me, for boys to learn about kindness and nurturing and dolls give boys that opportunity and then it’s very important for girls to believe they can achieve anything, and be scientists, mathematicians, firefighters, whatever.

    ‘The confusion is that I used a word that means different things to different people.’

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