Parents are furious at this ‘dangerous’ playground in shopping centre labelled ‘inclusive for all ages’

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  • A new playground area has attracted criticism from many parents who say it’s dangerous for children, but can you spot why?

    The new play area was built in Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre, a shopping centre in Victoria, Australia, but it quickly gathered a lot of negative feedback on social media.

    The shopping centre announced their new attraction on Facebook, writing that the playground had been designed with all ages in mind, including a soft play area for babies aged 0 to three.

    ‘We want your little ones to have the best time, so we designed our new playground to be inclusive for all ages. We have the soft play area for babies 0 to 3 years old and climbing play for 3 to 12-year-olds’, their post read.

    However, many parents took to the comments section to inform the shopping centre’s management that their new playground was not safe for children, and in fact considered to be ‘quite dangerous’.

    Some of the parents’ concerns include the fact the playground is not enclosed and the fact that children need to climb a rope to get to the slide because there is no ladder.

    One said: ‘The playground isn’t very suitable for all ages. It’s quite dangerous. It needs a proper ladder to the slide. I’ve seen several kids tumble trying to climb the rope structure to get to the slide; many little ones crying because they can not climb the ropes to access the slide. The smaller slide is too steep for the toddlers; too short for the 5 year plus children. Once there is more than 5 children on the playground it’s a hazard. Many parents are just avoiding it; several kids we know just don’t want to go on it at all. It’s a shame as the last play area was great.

    A second wrote: ‘Agreed its a horrible playground! My 4year old got stuck trying to climb it and she kept crying it was so difficult to get her out and there was no room for a parent to go through..i had to squeeze through the tiny area and retrieve her. It was a nightmare.’

    Another parent also commented to say her child was injured while playing in the area: ‘Yes my daughter broke her wrist playing in this playground’.

    Following the extensive feedback on the controversial playground, the shopping centre’s management has revealed they’ll be implementing changes bearing in mind the parents’ concerns.

    In a statement on Facebook, they said: ‘We really appreciate everyone taking the time to provide feedback and share your experiences on our new playground. We value this feedback tremendously and rest assured, all your concerns are currently being considered with the view to make some enhancements which we hope will improve the play area and overall experience. One of the areas of concern that we have already addressed is an additional access point to the ropes installation which will be installed very soon.’

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