‘Just let them play’ Parents criticise Burger King for giving out kids’ toys based on gender

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  • Angry parents are taking to social media to criticise Burger King for contributing to gender stereotypes when it comes to handing out toys with kids’ meals.

    Parents across the country have taken to social media in force to challenge the fast food giant for labelling their kids meals based on gender, according to whether they come with a car or a doll.

    Burger King supply a fun toy for children to play with when they sell a children’s meal, which come in two themes – ‘Hot Wheels’ or ‘Barbie’. It has always been traditional for the chain to give these boxes out depending on the gender of the child, presuming that little boys would prefer a car themed box and little girls would prefer to play with a doll.

    But now parents are pushing back on this presumption, and have been tweeting their annoyance that their child is being forced into taking a pre-determined box just because they are male or female.

    One parent suggested that Burger King change their phrasing, and instead of asking what gender the child is, they should just be be asking what kind of toy they would like to play with.

    One mum tweeted, ‘@BurgerKingUK stop asking if it’s for a boy or girl and start asking if they want a car or doll? @LetToysBeToys’

    Other parents were quick to agree, with many saying that ‘a change of wording is all it would take’.

    One mum said, ‘Yes, please tell employees to stop saying this. Nobody should make a child feel bad for the toys they like.’

    Another agreed, ‘I said the exact same thing today. Made me cringe. Simple change of wording is all it would take.’

    One father even suggested that his child had not been able to have the toy they wanted because of their gender, ‘SO annyoning ! ‘No she can’t have the toy is for boys only’ just let them play’

    Another social media user made the point that this is gender stereotyping by using the hashtag, ‘how about asking ‘hot wheels or barbie?’ Instead of ‘boy or girl’ when ordering a kids meal? #genderstereotype’

    Have you ever felt annoyed about your child being given a certain toy based on gender stereotypes? Would you like Burger King to change their wording when serving children’s meals? Tell us your opinion in the comment box.

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