Parents of little boy who drank cleaning fluid are raising money for the hospital who saved him

baby with dangerous fluids

The parents of a little boy who nearly died after drinking cleaning fluid at home are now raising money to donate to the hospital who saved their child.

Emily Galligan, from Southwell in Nottinghamshire, is a mum-of-two who works from home as a beauty therapist, and it only took a few seconds for the worst to happen.

The mum had just finished waxing a client, when she had to rush to pick up two-year-old Bodè and his sister five-years-old Nyla from school.

As she rushed to pick them up, she forgot to lock the door when she conducts beauty treatments, which was why Bodè has access to the product he drank.

The fluid looked like water, and is said to have packaging similar to shampoo, with easy opening.

Emily told Nottingham Post: 'We went through the house to see him and then I realised Bodè was not behind me. I went back, and saw him drinking the fluid.

'I shouted to Lee [Emily's husband], and we tried to give him water. His breathing changed, his eyes were rolling, and he started sweating.

By the time they got to the hospital, they were told he would have to go into an induced coma and doctors said they should get ready for the worst possible scenario.

'We were told to ring our families because it wasn't looking good. Sunday morning was the worst. All this rubbish was being brought up from his lungs, and then he had no chest movement and they had to bring him back', the mum added.

'I can't describe how it felt. I don't know how parents cope if they do lose a child. I felt physically sick. I felt that if he died it was my fault', Emily added.

Thankfully he made a full recovery, and the family have now set a fundraising page to raise money for the hospital that helped save their child.

A friend of the family wrote on the page: 'I am sure you are all aware that this wonderful family went through the most horrendous time recently with Bode and will probably live with the worry and panic for a long time to come. Bode accidentally drank a liquid that caused his lungs to stop working and if it wasnt for the wonderful work the Queens paediatric ICU did, he may be a very poorly boy now.

'Emily and Lee are two of the nicest people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting, they are kind, funny, happy caring souls and the fact they went through this with such togetherness is testament to the strong family they are.'

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