Parents post ad for £50-per-hour potty trainer to get their toddler toilet trained by Christmas

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  • An unusual advert from two parents in Surrey has seen them request a potty trainer so that their child can use the toilet in time for Christmas – and they will pay £50 per hour.

    The parents, who reached out on parenting website, are looking for a professional trainer who will be able to train their three-year-old daughter to use the loo in time for their in-laws arriving at Christmas.

    ‘Both of us work in full-time, demanding jobs, and we have previously tried to toilet train her, but due to our busy careers we’ve both realised we have not got time to do so,’ wrote the parents.

    ‘We’re very conscious that our daughter should be using a toilet by now, and with the in laws coming over for Christmas, I am desperate to get her fully using the toilet by December 23.’

    As well as paying the coach £50 per hour they spend with their daughter, there is a chance of a bonus if the trainer in question reaches the all-important Christmas deadline.

    ‘We will pay a handsome bonus. Ten hours of training over five days a week would be ideal, but we are flexible and willing to be negotiable for the right person.’

    ‘We’d also like a professional to coach us on how to teach our daughter to use the toilet, so we can continue to teach her when we’re not around.’

    Although quite a few happy-go-lucky people might want to make an extra buck or two this Christmas, the parents have requested that the trainer has at least a decade’s experience in the field, as their daughter ‘doesn’t respond well to authority’.

    ‘Toilet training can be a real battle, I think it’s just assumed that it will be a case of showing kids how to use one and after a few weeks they’ll be good to go, which couldn’t be more untrue,’ said Richard Conway, founder of to Mail Online.

    ‘It can be time consuming and some parents, for whatever reason, just can’t do it alone.’