‘Unbelievably creepy’ Parents slam dress for toddlers with ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ slogan

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  • Parents have taken to social media to slam a dress, made for toddlers, printed with the ‘disgusting’ words: ‘I’m sexy and I know it’.

    The tulle skirted dress, which has a vest-style top with tie tops, was reportedly for sale on Australian website OZSALE for AUG $12, so approximately £6.85.

    The dress has caused a frenzy of debate after being shared on UK-based Facebook page Let Clothes Be Clothes, which described the dress as ‘very very concerning’.

    [facebook] https://www.facebook.com/letclothesbeclothes/photos/a.455947491212489.1073741829.427435487397023/995494920591074/?type=3&theater[/facebook]

    The group shared an image of the dress, along with a caption explaining: ‘Sent by a supporter in Australia… Is this THE worst item of clothing on sale to 3 year olds, in the world?’

    ‘OZSALE seem to be a members only discount club which also directs shoppers to well known brands. Very very concerning. Object! Women Not Sex Objects.’

    The post certainly caused a stir, with many other social media users reacting, describing the dress as ‘disgusting’ and ‘unbelievably creepy’.

    According to The Daily Mail the frock was described on the OZSALE website as being ‘beautifully designed clothing for your little one’, as well as ‘durable and stylish.’

    One Facebook follower commented: ‘Who in God’s name thought this was a suitable item for a small child???’ while another added: ‘Don’t even know where to begin. I’m rendered speechless that this thing even exists.’

    Others were left baffled by the idea that anyone might want to actually purchase the dress. One commented: ‘I can’t imagine what sort of parent would actually buy this dress for their child.’

    Another posted: ‘Gross! Whoever would buy this seriously needs help!’ and a fifth agreed, saying: ‘This has to be a sick joke. No one should find children sexy & children that age shouldn’t even know what it means.’

    GoodtoKnow has reached out to OZSALE for comment.

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