Parents are being warned about new dangerous ‘swerve the car’ game children are playing

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  • Parents are being warned about a new game called ‘swerve the car’, where children are being challenged to ride their bikes into the path of a moving vehicle.

    The conversation was sparked by a mum from Hertfordshire who took to social media to warn other parents about the craze.

    Lesley Hooper posted footage of her son attempting the ‘swerve the car’ game, where he can be seen performing a ‘wheelie’ on his bike in a bid to swerve away from a car that was coming towards him.

    Paul, who’s 14-year-old, failed the manoeuvre and hit the car before falling onto the pavement.

    The mum decided to share the footage in order to warns other parents of the new craze, which is apparently becoming more popular among teenagers.

    Writing alongside the video, the mum exclaimed: ‘I had no idea my child was this stupid. Please, if you have teenagers, show them this video and how dangerous this game can be.

    ‘I am thankful that he is only bruised but so worried someone is going to get seriously hurt or dead, not only the rider but the driver’, she continued.

    ‘This car had a child and a pregnant mum – they could have been killed. She could have lost her child because of this stupid game.’

    A mum has warned other parents about the ‘dangerous’ and ‘stupid’ game

    The mum then goes on to say that even though her child’s actions were ‘stupid’, he is a teenager who’s made a mistake and learnt his lesson.

    ‘Please remember this is a 14-year-old child. He made a mistake and learnt a harsh lesson. He feels awful and will be working off the damage at his stepdad’s garage,’ she wrote.

    The mum then added that her aim with sharing the video is to alert other teenagers like her son to the dangers of the game.

    ‘The point of the post is to show other teenagers what can happen and maybe they will relate,’ she said.

    Following the incident, Cambridgeshire police told Cambridge News: ‘We’re unaware of any cases of this game in the county.

    ‘However, it could clearly cause serious injury to the cyclist and potentially other road users. We’d therefore urge people not to take part.’

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