Peter Andre is criticised by followers for his children’s exercise regime

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  • Peter Andre’s latest Instagram post has sparked controversy between fans after some have criticised him for letting his children exercise in the gym.

    The Mysterious Girl hitmaker uploaded a video to his Instagram page, sharing an insight into what a family workout looks like at his house.

    Appearing to be filming in his home gym, Peter spans the camera around the room filled with exercise equipment to show his eldest child Junior, 11, lying on a bench lifting a bar with some weights attached.

    Just behind him, younger sister Princess, nine, is playing with a skipping rope dressed in a matching pink sports outfit.

    As the dad-of-four continues to show his followers the rest of his gym, he pauses on his three-year-old daughter Amelia, who can be seen hiding behind a suspended punch bag.

    The singer simply captioned the video, ‘Infiltrated’, referring to how his children have made their way into his workout space.

    Behind the camera Peter can be heard joking around saying, ‘Oh man! My gym has been infiltrated by these two’, before continuing to say how much he loves having his kids in the gym.


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    However, what seems like a great time had between the Andre family sparked some debate amongst Peter’s social media followers, with some pointing out that it could be seen as unusual to have children training in a gym.

    One Instagram user disagreed with Peter’s parenting choice of letting his little ones exercise inside, saying, ‘They should be running around outside not in a gym….’.

    Another added, ‘Don’t really think the gym is the place for an 11 year old.’

    However, many of the 44-year-old’s 617k followers had a contrasting view, and jumped to his defence.

    Ice cream but as usual no one listens 😀

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    One follower commented back, ‘Why are people so judgmental! There is nothing wrong with teaching your children how to take care of their bodies.’

    Whilst another pointed out that it’s good for kids to be active, wherever they are, ‘Good for the kids get them active!’.

    A third assessed the ‘hardcore’ nature of the workout, determining that Peter’s children didn’t appear to have been put through their paces too much.

    ‘The weights are tiny and it’s just a father enjoying time with his children messing around in the gym it’s not a serious hardcore session.’

    Would you let your children work out in the gym? Or is this a place for adults? Tell us in the comment box below!