‘Sexting freaks me out’ Peter Andre reveals why he won’t let 10-year-old Princess have a phone

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  • Peter Andre has admitted that the concept of sexting ‘freaks him out’ adding that it’s one of the main reasons he won’t let 10-year-old Princess have a phone.

    During his guest appearance on today’s Loose Women, Peter talked openly about parenting and social media.

    When the panellists brought up the fact that sexting among teens has been on the increase, the dad-of-three exclaimed: ‘Sexting freaks me out!’

    Referring to his eldest daughter, whom he shares with ex-wife Katie Price, he said: ‘My daughter is 10-years old and she wants a phone already, and I was like “what?”‘

    Peter with his children with Katie Price, Princess and Junior

    He then explained that he gave in and now his son 12-year-old son Junior has a phone.

    ‘At the moment he’s not allowed on social media, maybe I’m too strict. But soon I can’t stop him, when he turns 13 he’s allowed to have Instagram.’

    The Mysterious Girl singer also talked about how he’s been in hot water with fans before on social media after taking to Twitter to say he was his kids’ best friend.

    ‘I like to be their best friend, people criticised me but they just need to get over it,’ he laughed.

    ‘Let me put it this way, first and foremost you have to be a parent, no doubt about it, but when I look at my parents they were very religious and very strict and I couldn’t talk to them about anything.’

    With that in mind though Peter claims he is very strict with his own kids when it comes to social media.

    ‘There are have rules at home. And the main is the “one screen” rule. It’s not for everyone, but basically if the TV’s on there’s no tablets or phones or anything. We watch it together.’

    ‘And, we sit at the table and have dinner, no screens no TVs nothing. [The kids] eventually stop rolling their eyes.’

    The 44-year-old TV personality is dad to Junior, 12, and 10-year old Princess – with Katie, and his two children with wife Emily – Amelia, two, and baby Theodore.

    He also admitted that ‘occasionally they “misplace their phone” – it’s fun for a few weeks,’ while hinting with a cheeky smile to the audience that he hides the devices himself.

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