Why pictures of this groom’s emotional reaction to seeing his bride on their wedding day is melting hearts around the world

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  • Photographer James Day captured the emotional moment Ty Armitage broke down in tears as he saw his wife-to-be Kelly walk down the aisle.

    The groom from Melbourne struggled to contain his emotion and the pictures have touched people’s hearts all over the word.

    Understandably, Ty was full of excitement and anticipation on his big day and like many other couples about to wed, the enormity of the day was a trigger for all kinds of emotions.

    For Ty, his emotions were running overtime as a week before he tied the knot to his partner of 11 years, Kelly, he found out his dad’s cancer had taken a turn for the worse.

    Ty Armitage wedding james day photograaphyJames Day Photography

    Writing for Love What Matters, Ty explained why his dad’s declining health made his wedding even more important and special.

    He said: ‘I was never quite prepared for the emotion that would overcome me on our big day… We took it in our stride and often laughed with each other thinking “how hard could it be? We’ve been together nearly 11 years!”…

    ‘Almost a week to the day before our wedding, I received a call from my eldest sister. I instantly knew something was wrong hearing the pain and sadness in her voice. I knew straight away it was about Dad…

    ‘What my sister went on to tell me was a tumour had been found in his cheek, behind his eye, in his shoulder and in his hip. All I could think was, he’s riddled with it…

    ‘Hanging up on the call, all the finer details of the wedding night were quickly put into perspective when suddenly all I cared about was marrying the love of my life and having the people that mattered most there with us.’

    Ty Armitage wedding james day photograaphyJames Day Photography

    Ty explained what was going through his mind when he saw Kelly walk in. He said: ‘All I could think was “Wow, wow, wow. How amazing is life knowing I will have you by my side until the very end? I can’t believe I get to do life with you, is this really happening? I’m the luckiest man to walk the planet.”‘

    Wedding photographer James told us that he was grateful to be able to capture such meaningful snippets of the wedding for Ty and Kelly.

    Ty Armitage wedding james day photograaphyJames Day Photography

    James and his dad were overwhelmed with emotion during the wedding

    He said: ‘My biggest struggle photographing Kelly & Ty’s wedding was being able to see through the viewfinder through all the tears! I was so grateful that Kelly messaged me a few days before the wedding to fill me in on their news and to ask me if I’d be able to capture a moment between Ty & his dad.’

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