Pink’s husband Carey Hart slammed over ‘dangerous’ video of their son

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  • Pink’s husband Carey Hart has been criticised online by worried fans who pulled the dad-of-two up for posting a ‘dangerous’ video of his young son.

    Carey, a professional motorcycle racer, posted a video of his 10-month-old son Jameson being rolled on a skateboard.

    The proud dad shared the video with his fans and followers captioning the clip: ‘Jameson getting in a skate session today.’

    Although the skateboard wasn’t going fast, and his son looks perfectly happy and content in the short and sweet clip, some fans were quick to criticise the father-of-two, pointing out that he was putting his child’s safety at risk.


    ‘Excuse me, WHERE IS HIS HELMET?’, one concerned fan posted, with another saying ‘Come on Carey put some kind of helmet on the kid!’

    However, Carey’s other fans and followers were quick to defend the star from those who were slamming him for the potentially ‘dangerous’ video.

    ‘No need for a helmet when the parents are watching the child a foot away’, commented one.

    ‘I say bring back the old school parenting. We all turned out just fine! F*%k the haters. Go get your skate on Jameson’, said another.


    Other people were quick to add their voices too: ‘Eff the parent police and rock on!, with many agreeing: ‘why don’t you leave the parenting up to his parents’.

    The debate over Jameson’s safety and the need for a helmet aside, most of Carey’s fans just couldn’t get over how cute the little boy looked.

    ‘Omg his belly and feet! I just want to kiss those little toes!’, gushed one fan. Another added: ‘What a cutie!!! Love his hat!!’

    ‘Look at that little monkey. Carey you crack me up. So cute’, wrote another fan.

    So, what do you think? Did people overreact to the video? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comment bow below.

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