Family’s video of pit bull and baby touching noses sparks safety debate

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  • Dogs make great family pets, and can form really special bonds with your little ones. But at what point can a dog be a danger to your children?

    One family have received backlash after posting videos of a little boy asleep next to a pit bull, with another video showing the baby and the dog touching noses.

    Instagram user mvp_bullies posted a series of videos of the dog breed, which is currently banned in the UK, with one clip showing the little boy and a young pit bull butterfly kissing.

    In another video, the little boy is lying next to the pit bull as they both fall asleep.

    💤😴 #Mood 🍷is it Wine:30 yet? 😂

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    One Instagram user said: ‘He is going to have more experience with pit bulls than ANYBODY on the planet! I’m sure that’s his future!! I love that little guy..and the beautiful bullies..your posts always make me smile..thanks for the sunshine!!’

    Another commented on an earlier picture of a dog’s head resting on the baby saying: ‘This is absolutely adorable!!! The bond has already started its amazing’.

    Can we keep him Mom??? Pweaseeeee😬 Good Morning🌞 Happy Friday!!

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    However, not everyone agreed that it was safe to have such a young child around the particular breed of dog.

    One Instagram user commented on a video of a little boy surrounded by three huge dogs, saying: ‘I feel so scared for the baby’

    Experts have warned of the dangers of leaving young children with potentially dangerous dogs off the back of the clips.

    Clare Byam-Cook, a former nurse, midwife and author, told the Daily Mail: ‘Clearly the parent is in attendance during this video but we should still be saying that this isn’t terribly sage. We all know that dogs can suddenly bite.

    ‘Whenever you hear in the paper of these things happening, the owner will often say that their pet has always been gentle & placid but you never can predict how a dog will react.’

    Commenting on the video of the dog sleeping next to the child, she said: ‘In this video the puppy’s jaw is incredibly close to the child’s face.

    ‘If the puppy is startled, it might turn around and snap and the child’s delicate face might be scarred for life.

    ‘I think it is a cute video and possibly if the mother or parent is in full attendance and it is a one-off moment it might be safe but the trouble is that everybody likes to imitate. The risk is that you might get lots of other parents copying saying that they must take a cute video of their baby and that’s when accidents happen.

    ‘When it comes to dogs – especially if it is a dangerous breed – that’s worrying.’