Mum reveals the difference between pregnancy expectations versus reality in hilarious video

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  • Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. But not every pregnancy goes exactly to plan…

    One mother, who has experienced the shock of her pregnancy and subsequent motherhood not turning out exactly like she’d expected, has documented her experiences in a hilarious video.

    Tova Leigh, an actress, writer and mum-of-three from London, posted a brilliant video to her Facebook page Tova’s Blog – My Thoughts about stuff highlighting the differences between what people think pregnancy is and what it’s actually like.

    She covered everything from the pregnancy ‘glow’, giving birth, breastfeeding and losing baby weight– and she gets it absolutely right.

    In an honest depiction of being pregnant, Tova said at the beginning she couldn’t wait for that pregnancy glow.

    However, she then showed us the reality, which was her shouting: ‘Why do I have hair on my chest?… I don’t even know even know why I’m crying… Where the hell is my glow? Where is the glow?’

    Image: Tova’s Blog/Facebook

    Image: Tova’s Blog/Facebook

    Going on to talk about how she wanted to give birth, the fresh-faced, ‘expectation’ Tova said: ‘I can’t wait to give birth. No meds, no drugs, no painkillers. No even in a hospital. I’m going to have my child at home in water and my husband will cut the chord with his bare teeth, like in nature. It’s going to be so magical and natural.’

    The video then cuts to Tova, dressed in dark clothes and messy hair, screaming: ‘Give me the drugs! This is not magical. I don’t want to breathe, I want the drugs. I don’t care what I said I want the drugs now!’

    And she absolutely nailed how the early determination to bounce back to the pre-baby body doesn’t always work out. As Tova put it: ‘I said I would work out when the baby is asleep. It’s not may fault that the baby never sleeps.’

    The hilariously honest video has gone viral, already amassing over 134,000 views on her Facebook page.

    Tova certainly seems to have struck a chord with fellow mothers, who have been sharing the video and commenting that she summed up pregnancy pretty accurately.

    One woman commented to share her support, writing: ‘To hell with bouncing back I just bounced off somewhere else.’

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