‘I think I’ve put Michael off kids for life!’ Pregnant Danielle Lloyd reveals health fears

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  • Danielle Lloyd – who is currently eight months pregnant with her first child with fiance Michael O’Neil – has spoken candidly about her fears during this difficult pregnancy.

    The mum-of-three revealed in a recent interview with OK! Magazine that her unborn son is currently breech, and admits that this news means she has been ‘panicking a lot’ but is keeping her fingers crossed that ‘the baby can turn’ as she still has a few months until her due date.

    A breech pregnancy means the baby would be born feet first, which can make delivery a little more complicated.

    Along with concerns over baby’s position, Danielle has also had to deal with Braxton Hicks and sciatica – shooting pains down the leg from the lower back.

    ‘I’ve got sciatica, my nerves are sore… I’m fed up of going to the toilet every five minutes. That stuff I’m not going to miss,’ she said, but insisted that: ‘I will miss my bump a bit.’

    Danielle said: ‘[Braxton Hicks] can be painful sometimes. I start to think, is this it? Am I going into labour?’

    ‘I think I’ve put Michael off kids for life.’

    This difficult pregnancy has caused ongoing issues for Danielle; in May this year she admitted to not feeling very well and expressed concerns that she might have diabetes.

    ‘I haven’t been very good at all this week. I’ve been feeling really poorly and I’ve had to go to the doctors twice because I don’t know what’s wrong with me’, Danielle wrote in a column for the same mag.

    ‘I know doctors tell you not to Google stuff but I did and I read about diabetes and how it can make you go into early labour. It just makes you panic, I was quite frightened.’

    The mum, who’s had a premature birth before, has been trying to get as much rest as she can until her test results come back and she finds out what is wrong with her.

    ‘I keep getting these migraines and they’re horrible, I feel like a zombie, almost like I’m not on this planet. Michael can be clicking his fingers in front of my face and I’m just not with it, I almost feel like I’ve got a hangover, it’s really horrible, so I’ve just been trying to rest’, Danielle said.

    Danielle found out the gender of her baby live on air

    The celeb mum, who found she’s having another boy live on Loose Women, also opened up about postnatal depression, revealing that she’s previously suffered from it after giving birth to her other children.

    ‘I think it’s so important to talk about mental health because I’ve been in some really really dark places and postnatal depression was really bad for me’, Danielle said.

    Stressing how important it is to diagnose and treat the condition, the soon to be mum-of-four said she didn’t know that she had it at first, but then medication really helped her overcome it.

    ‘I didn’t really understand that I had it and there’s a stigma behind it that people should be ashamed of going to the doctors or getting help.

    ‘I’ve been on medication before and it really helped me and levelled me out. I don’t have to take it anymore but if it ever happened again or happened after this baby I’d have no problem going back.

    ‘Nobody likes to feel down when they’ve got a new baby and I’m going to have four kids, I really don’t want depression to get hold of me because it wouldn’t be good for them either.’