Mum slams fellow bridesmaids who ask her to pay for alcohol for best friend's hen do even though she's pregnant

A pregnant mum slams her fellow bridesmaids for trying to force her to pay for the booze she won’t be drinking on her best friend’s hen do

A pregnant mum has slammed bridesmaids for trying to make her contribute to the overall booze budget for her friend's hen do, even though she won't be drinking.

The mum-to-be took to an online forum to explain the situation and to ask users if she was being unreasonable for refusing to pay for the bits of the event she won't be a part of.

'My [best friend's] hen do is next month and the cost of it seems to be growing arms and legs. Especially down to the fact that I'm also a bridesmaid', she wrote on Mumsnet.

'My bf doesn't know about it as she's not part of the planning it's a surprise. She would be very unhappy about the costs I can assure you.'

When discussing how much she's been asked to pay, the mum explained that all the 'bridesmaids have had to pay for people who have pulled out to cover the cost of the house for the weekend' and now they're 'demanding another £40pp for alcohol and food'.

The other bridesmaids also want to add in an extra cost for a mini bus to take them from where they're all meeting to get to the house where they'll be having the hen do, but as the mum explained, she 'live[s] 20 mins away from where the house is so [she's] driving down on [her] own'.

Especially as she's pregnant, she'd rather meet the rest of the party there than create an even longer, more uncomfortable journey.

The mum-to-be received over 120 comments with advice on how to handle the situation, with some telling her to either pull out of the event altogether or to stand strong and stick to her guns about paying for the alcohol and vehicle.

'Just say you'll pay for your own bits - you'll make your own way there and won't be paying for alcohol as you're pregnant.

'This is zero drama, don't let it be', said one user.

'I simply wouldn't go. End of', suggested another.

The mum responded to the comments, explaining that she's already said she won't be drinking and will happily pay for her own bits, but the other bridesmaids think it's 'unfair that [she's] getting away with not paying for alcohol'.

One user suggested: 'If you aren't drinking it's ridiculous to pay for alcohol. They should also just be able to spend less so it's not like anyone will have to cover you.'

Getting nowhere with the other bridesmaids, the mum even went as far as talking to the bride's mum, so as not to ruin the surprise trip for her best friend.

'She's not happy with how much they're asking' described the mum. '12 girls paying £40 for food and alcohol for 2 days is ridiculous.

'One of the days we're going out for lunch as arranged with brides mum so I have no idea where the rest of the money's going.'

After the debate, the mum-to-be said that the issue had been resolved, thanks to the bride's mum, who told the group to bring their own alcohol. 'No one is paying for alcohol we bring our own if we're drinking and she wants it reduced to £10 per head for food to get an ASDA shop delivered for us arriving.'


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