Mums-to-be share the most awful comments expectant dads have made about pregnancy

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  • Expectant mothers have been taking to Reddit to share stories of the most insensitive comment made by their other halves during their pregnancy.

    And we must say, some of them didn’t half have us chuckling!

    User shiann121 began the thread by explaining: ‘My husband is the king of saying things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman.’

    ‘My favorite so far has been, “Millions of women have had babies before you and all of them turned out okay!” … no. No, they have not all turned out okay. That may have been the closest to being strangled by an angry, small pregnant lady he’s ever gotten, folks. (I was already not happy because I’m upset about all the tearing and stuff and this was his sad, sorry attempt at being comforting.)’

    ‘Anyone else heard some idiotic lines about their pregnancy? I can’t be the only one, haha.’

    She obviously wasn’t the only one, with hundreds taking to the comments to compete for the ‘most cringe-worthy husband’ crown.

    One piped up: ‘My husband’s best/worst thing…’

    ‘Me: “God, I look like a cow…” DH: “Well, you’d bring home the blue ribbon for sure!”……… really?’

    Another said: ‘Mine said “Could a c-section be worse than getting my appendix out?” Keep in mind that he had this done laparoscopically so he has three tiny scars and they had to pull out an appendix…. NOT A HUMAN. He was very serious too. Like in his head he was thinking “yup, I know what it’s like to have a kid, but mine was probably worse”.’

    ‘my ex-husband (first baby, 10 years ago) used to say “you shouldn’t have opened your legs then” when I complained,’ said another.

    One even had a list!

    ‘”Childbirth is so natural – I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it.”
    “So glad the hospital has free wifi! I’ll be able to stream the game.”
    (To my midwife) “Are all your patients this crazy?”
    Good thing he’s cute.’

    Talking about her mother, one said: ‘My father to my mother as she is doing her makeup, naked, 9 months pregnant with my youngest sister: “it’ll be a miracle if you get anywhere close to looking like you did before”.’

    Our favourite?

    ‘My fianc√© says “I’m sorry you’re so pregnant ” anytime I complain about anything pregnancy related.’

    Have you got any shocking or hilarious one-liners from your other half? Let us know in the comments!