Young girl cries tears of happiness as she’s gifted her first shotgun

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  • A video depicting a young girl receiving a shotgun as a gift has gone viral.

    The short clip was sent to American gun brand Beretta, who then posted it to their Facebook page saying that it was a perfect example of ‘#BerettaJoy’.

    ‘She opens the Beretta box. Her reaction will make you cry…’ the brand wrote.

    ‘Making memories starts the moment you open your first 686. A touching video sent by Presley’s parents, shows the emotional moment when she realizes she finally has her very own 686 Silver Pigeon. It’s what we call #BerettaJoy’.

    In the video, Prestley, who is reportedly 10 years old, is seen unwrapping the gun, and appears to be completely overwhelmed by the present.

    ‘Oh my goodness, this is crazy!’ she exclaims as she opens the case. ‘I can’t breathe!’ She then starts to cry as she thanks her parents for the gift.

    Since it was uploaded, the video has received more than 35,000 shares and has been viewed 5.5 million times – but commenters have been divided over whether the shotgun is an appropriate item to give to someone of such a young age.

    ‘It is wonderful to see a child being so very grateful and appreciative of a gift, but it is so very wrong, that the gift is a shotgun. Weapons like these are dangerous and don’t belong in the hands of kids,’ one wrote.

    ‘This message is horrible!!! Kids should cry for puppies or for a new game, or for a beautiful present, but not for a gun!’ a second agreed. ‘I’m so sorry, but this is horrible!!! I think that because I’m Italian, and here we are scared about the weapons, that can kill someone! This shouldn’t exciting for a child, I’m sorry.’

    ‘What on earth 😳’ another added. ‘In England children cry with joy after receiving pets as surprise presents or even a ticket to Disney Land. Guns are no toy for youngsters of that age.’

    According to a Washington Post report from 2014, federal law in America prohibits handgun ownership by any person under the age 18, with a handful of exceptions, but there is no minimum age for long gun (i.e. rifle and shotgun) ownership.