Pregnant actress Rachel Adedeji slams visitors for smoking outside hospital

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  • Actress Rachel Adedeji, who is best known for her role in the soap Hollyoaks, has taken to Twitter to share her shock and annoyance at turning up to hospital and finding people smoking outside the entrance.

    Rachel announced the news that she was pregnant back in August with a sweet photo revealing she was expecting her first child with her husband Jason.

    Rachel’s due date is 27th December, just a couple of weeks away, and the mum-to-be went for a check-up at the Liverpool Women’s hospital. A centre that specialises in the health of women and families, with pregnant women and children being frequent visitors, the grounds of the hospital are no smoking.

    So Rachel was horrified when she arrived for her check-up to find people ignoring the rules. Taking to Twitter in shock, the mum-to-be blasted those she saw disregarding the rules and smoking in front of the hospital entrance.

    ‘Annoying when I go to @LiverpoolWomens for a check up and see people smoking at the entrance’ Rachel wrote. ‘People should respect the hospital grounds for what it is- A NON SMOKING GROUND.’

    The star went on to explain how she had reported those flouting the hospital rules to security, only to be shocked again to find those in charge ‘chilling’ and ‘watching football’.

    ‘These people should be fined instantly!’ Rachel said of the rule violators. ‘Yet when reported, security are just chilling watching football.’

    Rachel’s fans and followers were quick to sympathise with the star, and share their similar stories on social media.

    ‘Rachel, I work for the Ambulance service and see this all the time. It isn’t policed so people get away with it. It’s very annoying,’ wrote one sympathetic follower.

    ‘Absolutely hate this at my hospital too,’ said another mum, while someone else added: ‘Totally agree. It gets to me so badly when up at maternity wards and people are due to give birth and standing smoking. #poorbabies’

    The hospital responded to Rachel via Twitter saying that ‘the issue is being looked into; and they would contact the star ‘to discuss further’ the issue she raised.