16 reasons why I DID drop the kids off at school in my pyjamas

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  • The news that a headteacher in Darlington has written to parents to request they stop dropping their kids off at school in pyjamas comes as no surprise to most of us mums.

    Kate Chisholm, headteacher at Skerne Park Academy said; ‘While this may be a minor point, I think you’ll agree it is important for us all to set our children a good example about what is appropriate in all aspects of life…’

    Whilst I’ll be the first to admit that arriving at the school gates in my nightwear is by no means ideal, frankly if I manage to get to school on time, without having lost a child, remembering all the packed lunches and sports kit, I feel like I deserve a fanfare.

    Most of the time I haven’t even had a chance to look down to see what I’m wearing, let alone get to my wardrobe and consult an outfit for the day. So the fact that this clothing misplacement has occurred isn’t ground-breaking news to me, and I’ll guess it won’t be to most other mums either!

    It’s not because we’re lazy and planning on going back to bed until lunchtime, there just isn’t even enough coffee in the world to make us get up 20 minutes earlier to blow dry our hair and put on make up. And while I don’t make a habit of it, this struggle has, on occasion, stretched to my ability to decide on an outfit/get dressed at all…

    If someone were to live in our houses and see what we all have to deal with before 9am has arrived, maybe there would be a little more understanding as to why wearing slippers on occasion is completely understandable!

    Here are just some of the reasons why I *might* have worn my pjs to drop the kids off now and then…

    1. Having to ask three times for your kids to get out of bed

    Do we have to do this every morning?

    2. And a fourth

    I know you aren’t getting dressed in there…

    3. Having to find my husband’s car keys

    Tried your pocket?

    4. And his wallet

    It will be with the keys.

    5. Having to physically drag them out of bed

    I did ask nicely.

    6. Having to re-dress the children after they try and fail. Miserably.

    I’m sure you remember how to do this when dad is around?

    7. Spending 3 minutes trying to find the second sock

    I might start making you go to sleep in your uniform.

    8. And the second shoe

    HOW did that end up in the dog’s basket?

    9. Force-feeding them two spoonfuls of cereal

    Don’t you dare moan about being hungry in the car.

    10. Having to stop them from pouring the rest on their siblings

    Or feeding it to the dog.

    11. Trying to locate all of the sports kits/musical instruments/football boots for the correct day

    What do you mean football practice has been moved to this evening?

    12. Getting all the children into the car with seatbelts on and someone needing an emergency toilet dash

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    13. Leaving the packed lunches in the kitchen

    And only remembering once you’re half way to school.

    14. Having to drive like Lewis Hamilton to make it to school on time

    Sitting in a traffic jam for at least half the journey.

    15. Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wishing you’d had time to at least brush your teeth

    Don’t give me a hard time headmaster – I’m well aware of how I look!

    16. Trying to avoid all the other mums who are wearing make up

    I might be wearing pyjamas but it doesn’t mean I’m proud of it. Where do you find the time? Really?!

    Have you ever wound up wearing your pjs on the school run? Leave us a comment below!