Shock letter goes viral after residents seek legal advice against family with autistic child

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  • A mum has been left upset and angry after her neighbours left her an aggressive note, telling her to move out of her apartment building because her autistic daughter’s behaviour is ‘not acceptable’ to other residents.

    The letter, which has since gone viral, was shared on Facebook by shocked fellow mum Monica Calderin whose son attends the same school as the unnamed girl with autism.

    Monica explained that she was sharing the letter with permission after the devastated mum initially posted the letter in a private school group.

    ‘This is legit from a parent who’s child attends the same school as my son. I could not stop thinking about this letter after I read it and it infuriated me to no end,’ Monica said.

    The letter reads: ‘You have a daughter with major issues. Your daughter cannot be socialized with others. Her lack of impulse control, her screaming and outburst – are not acceptable to the residents in this building.

    ‘The choice is yours. Either you move out of the building on your own volition, or the residents of this building will take action and you will be forced to move out.’

    The letter continues: ‘The right thing to do would be to take your daughter to a facility that can accommodate disabled people like herself, where you would not be infringing upon the quality of life of others.

    ‘We are not responsible for your daughter’s diagnosis. And you have no right to burden us with her diagnosis. We urge you to do the right thing and find another living situation as soon as possible.’

    Parents have been rallying around the mum who received the letter, condemning the anonymous sender.

    ‘What selfish cowards… My sincerest apologies for these sub humans. How sad our world has become,’ one said.

    Another added: ‘I think whoever wrote this letter should be asked to move out horrible horrible people so sad that these poor people had to read this I can’t imagine how this made them feel so sad’.

    Speaking to local media in Miami, the family said that they now feel ‘extremely unwelcome’.

    According to that same report, the owners and managers of the building have denied all involvement with the letter and identified the sender.