Video of Robert Kardashian kissing daughter Dream on the lips sparks MAJOR debate

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  • A video of Robert Kardashian kissing his daughter Dream has sparked a huge debate amongst the reality star’s social media followers.

    The short clip, which was posted to Instagram by the baby’s mother, Blac Chyna, shows Rob bending to kiss the two-month-old on her mouth.

    Lots of the comments said that the video was ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ but some commenters suggested that the kiss was not appropriate, with a handful even declaring that it could be bad for the child’s health.

    ‘You NEVER kiss a CHILD on the mouth. It is unclean,’ one wrote. ‘Us adults have tons of bacterias/viruses that can easily be spread and passed on to the child. Cold sores, strep, etc. Yes yessss, I am a mother but never did or will I kiss my children on their mouths. Point blank, you can kill the child.’

    ‘Ummmm. That kiss is not right,’ a commenter said, while another added: ‘Why do people kiss their baby on the mouth! Ugggh thats germs! Anyway im glad he’s happy and the baby is gorgeous.’

    Other comments included: ‘Don’t let him kiss her like that in her mouth’s kusta plain nasty’ and ‘Kissing your child on the lips is morally wrong and will mess with them psychologically in their later years’.

    However, fans of Rob and Chyna were quick to hit back at the criticism, with many saying they’d kissed their own children in a similar way without causing any harm.

    ‘ I’ve kissed my kids when they were that age and their still alive and well so?’ one said.

    Another argued: ‘Beautiful 😍!!!! Everyone writing nasty comments y’all just jealous get it together it’s there moment not yours..’

    ‘All hes doing is showing love to his daughter and u say that he might give his daughter an infection by showing love to her,’ a third agreed. ‘That is so rude. I bet there is over a million kids that wish their fathers would show love to them.’

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