Ronan Keating's wife Storm forced to defend her parenting skills after troll targeted their baby son

'I’m a fantastic mummy and I know that in my bones'

Storm Keating has been forced to defend her parenting skills after an online troll targeted her baby son Cooper.

The mum had posted a cute picture of her six-month-old son sitting on her lap, taken while the two were 'buckling up for another flight', according to her caption.

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Many of her followers commented on the snap to wish the mother and son duo a safe flight. However, one user seemed to criticise the fact that Cooper frequently travels with his parents, writing under the picture: 'Poor b**ger'.

Storm didn't hold back in the face of criticism, and hit back at the troll saying her son is 'lucky' for having 'hands on' parents who take him everywhere, when they could easily employ staff to take care of him while they work.

Responding on the picture's comment section, the mum wrote: 'We think lucky bugger! We could easily employ nannies or staff to look after our little man while mummy & daddy have to work, but despite it taking more effort and organisation, we choose to take him almost everywhere with us. We stick together as a family as much as possible (which is a very privileged position to be in - not all families have that luxury!)

'Of course it's not the easy option for @rokeating and I, but we'll do whatever it takes for our little guy - we don't want to miss a thing and we don't want him to miss either of us also. Not if we can help it. For Cooper to have two parents who are so hands on despite their crazy lifestyle and work schedules is a blessing and it shows in Cooper... he is the happiest little baba who very rarely even cries.

'I think that says it all really. Must be doing something right heh? Jumping on a plane is an adventure for him and the life experiences he has when he lands in different cities and countries is invaluable.'

The mum finished off her reply by saying both she and Ronan are 'fantastic' parents, and that their son is 'fortunate'.

'I feel very proud actually. I'm a fantastic mummy and I know that in my bones. My husband is also an incredible father and my heart bursts every time Cooper’s face lights up when he sees him. Cooper is one very fortunate and lucky little man. If only all children in the world could be so loved and cared for ❤️', she wrote.

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Many of Storm's fans got behind the fashion designer, and praised her for making so many wonderful memories for her baby boy.

One fan wrote: 'well said! And so say all of us! 😉👏🏻cooper is so lucky to have the opportunities that he has & to have all the experiences that u can offer him. They are precious moments that u want to make sure he is part of to grow up happy & healthy! And look how big he has already grown! Even sitting in his own booster seat! Oh they grow so fast...! Cherish every moment 😘💕'

Another follower commented: 'Loovve the fact that you guys are such hands on parents despite your amazing but busy lives!! Cooper is one lucky boy !!'

A third fan said: 'I wouldn't have even replied and given her the time of day. I love seeing your family photos. Cooper is a very lucky boy. I've always said family first, which is what you do. You won't get this time back again so it's only natural you want your precious son by your side. Enjoy making so many wonderful memories and ignore the jealous trolls. Safe journey 🛫👪'

The parents welcomed their first child back in May, after tying the knot in 2015.


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