Russell Kane explains why the birth of his daughter wasn't 'life changing'

'I can't be the only person that didn't feel that'

Comedian Russell Kane has admitted he finds it 'distasteful' when new parents say they 'finally know what real love is' after the birth of a child.

Russell has opened up about the birth of his daughter Mina in an interview with BUILD London, revealing that his life didn't change by becoming a father for the first time.

'I know here I'm supposed to do that: "As soon as I held that baby, my whole life changed, it really refocuses you and all of a sudden you've really got something to work for".

'I can't be the only person that didn't feel that, there's loads of us who keep quiet and when asked: "Did it change your life?" We go: "Yeah I've never known such love".'

The 41-year-old father went on to explain that he finds it 'distasteful' when particularly his female friends take to social media with proclamations of love for their offspring.

The comedian argued that by saying they felt 'empty' before their baby, new mums are potentially offending their partners.

'I personally find it a bit distasteful when I see people put on Facebook, "I finally know what real love is now I've had a baby. I never realised I could feel this complete".

'I'm just like: "How do you think your partner feels when they read that statement?"'

Russell continued to point out that as a comedian he has to travel a lot for his job, and can't be 'emotionally messed up' about leaving his daughter.

'For me, my daughter is part of the family, rather than being king baby on her throne that completely dictates everything that happens, like some kids.

'She is part of me, Lindsey [Russell's wife] and Mina together. That's what keeps me sane on the road.

'I can't see how I'd do this job if I was emotionally messed up about leaving the baby behind.'

Do you agree with Russell? Is it insulting to a partner to say that your child made you realise what true love is? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box.


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