Sainsbury’s launch ‘relaxed lane’ trial which is perfect for mums with young children

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  • Sainsbury's have launched a 'relaxed lane' in one of their Scottish stores to help people who need longer to pack, so they feel more relaxed about their shopping experience.

    Tackling the supermarket aisles can be a stressful task if you’ve got young children or a condition that means you take a little longer to pay for and pack your shopping away.

    Most parents know the struggle of trying to get your toddler to stop throwing a tantrum while you throw the shopping into bags and onto the buggy, so you can escape as quickly as possible…

    With this in mind, Sainsbury’s are giving a ‘relaxed lane’ a go in the Prestwick store, Scotland.

    If you’re in the area it is in place from 10am till 6pm at lane number 24.

    Sainsbury’s have specially-trained staff to work at the relaxed lane to help those with hearing problems, dementia and other customers who simply need an extra-supportive, friendly-face to finish their shopping.

    Michelle Miller, a volunteer in Prestwick who also campaigns for better services for those with dementia, posted a picture of the relaxed lane on Twitter.

    She said: ‘Just visited @sainsburys Prestwick newly launched ‘Relaxed Lane’ open 10am-6pm, lane 24, with hearing loop, dementia friends trained staff, supporting people who need a bit more time or support at checkout. Please try & feedback to inform pilot. #DAW2018 @dementiapwick 👍’.

    The trial is set to run for a month but it could be extended if there is demand. So far the reaction has been very positive and Michelle has urged people to share the post and submit any feedback or suggestions they have.

    One person commented and said some people might mistake the sign as ‘checkout closed’ and Michelle said they would be looking into getting this changed.

    Others praised the scheme and wished it was going to be trialed closer to them.

    One person said: ‘Love this! Hopefully you’ll start a supermarket trend now! 👍❤’.

    Another wrote: ‘Great idea. Hope other lanes remain tolerant of slower people though.’

    A third added:  @sainsburys this is a great idea and should be rolled out country wide and other supermarkets should follow your lead on as well @waitrose @Tesco @asda @BoothsCountry’.

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