Sam Claflin announces wife Laura Haddock has given birth to their second child

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  • Sam Clafin has announced that he and wife Laura Haddock have welcomed their second child.

    The actor shared the lovely news while chatting to Chris Evans on his breakfast radio show.

    ‘I’ve had one! Well my wife had one! A second addition,’ Sam announced.

    Chris sweetly replied: ‘Congratulations. Three weeks old now? Congratulations my friend. You seem glowing.’

    Sam went on to tell the 51-year-old redhead that the duo’s bundle of a joy is a little girl.

    ‘It’s happy news. She’s very new and shiny. I however am not,’ he laughed.

    Geri Halliwell, 45 – who was also a guest on Chris’ programme – couldn’t resist making a joke about something the new dad had told her before they went on air.

    ‘She peed on you this morning. That’s what you said earlier. It’s changing nappies,’ the Spice Girls singer quipped.

    Sam, 31, fired back: ‘Whoever told you that girls don’t wee as much as boys is an absolute liar.’

    Bun in the oven.. a big big bun.

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    Sam and Laura tied the knot in 2013 at an intimate ceremony. The pair’s first baby, a little boy named Pip, followed in December 2015.

    Sam admitted to falling for actress Laura, 32, moments after meeting her during an interview in 2012.

    ‘I walked into an audition room, I saw her and I knew. I’m not kidding for the life of me. She was reading in for a part and it’s my fourth free call. I’ve done previously three auditions with this other girl reading and this girl walked in and I walked out the audition, couldn’t care less if I got the part,’ he told Yahoo.

    ‘I called my agent, I said “Mate, I am in love”. He’s like “How did the audition go, mate?” I was like, “No, no, you don’t understand. I have just met the woman I want to marry”.’

    Sam is best known for playing Will Traynor in the movie adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ book Me Before You, and Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games film series.