‘This guy needs to make you his wife’ Sam Faiers’ boyfriend Paul slammed by fans for not having proposed to her

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  • Sam Faiers’ boyfriend Paul Knightley has been criticised by fans on social media for not having proposed to her yet, despite the couple having two children together.

    The mum-of-two took to her Instagram account to share a loved-up picture of her and Paul, which she captioned: ‘Down to ride, til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend ❣️’.

    Down to ride, til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend ❣️

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    Even though the sentence she used was taken from the song ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, famously sung by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, some fans took the opportunity to criticise the fact that Paul hasn’t proposed to her yet.

    Writing on the comments section, one said: ‘Down to ride, for life, This guy needs to make you his wife ♥️’, while another wrote: ‘I think it’s about time @paulknightley7 made an honest woman of you @samanthafaiers xx’.

    A third remembered how Sam said she wanted to get married before having another baby: ‘I remember Sam saying she wouldn’t have another child until he married her …. ditto her sister 🙄 hmmmm! Lol’.

    And another of her 2m followers was left puzzled as to why Paul hasn’t popped the question yet: ‘I don’t know why he’s taking so long to ask her!? Now she has spawned his second child he def needs to get a move on lol 😂’

    ‘No diss,I would never have 2 kids to someone who didn’t deem me good enough to marry….what’s stopping him? Just MY opinion…’, someone else said.

    The Mummy Diaries star was even told to use the term ‘partner’ instead of ‘boyfriend’, until she gets engaged: ‘Ooh don’t say boyfriend….sounds so informal! Partner maybe…..then fiancé 😀’.

    Birthday breakfast 🍾🎁 #27 #blessed #bringon2018 x

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    However, not everyone was criticising the couple for not having tied the knot yet. One said: ‘Lovely picture @samanthafaiers ignore the negative people on here i think u and paul are great and ur babies are beautiful… i didnt read the caption i sang it 🙂’.

    Another wrote: ‘@countryxlivingx judgemental much? I mean how dare people decide not to marry?! It’s not a right of passage you know… or a measure of self worth!’

    A third follower hit back in Sam and Paul’s defence, reiterating that getting married or not is their choice: ‘Who cares if they are engaged or not engaged! Some people don’t care for that stuff! Why do you have to get married, Because it’s what society says is supposed to happen? Just because they have children does not mean they have to rush into a marriage! Maybe they’re just enjoying being parents! Myself personally can’t wait to be a parent but the thought of getting married scares the hell out of me an its not something I’m wanting to do any time soon, if ever! Its all about personal choice x’.

    A fourth added: ‘Why do you have to get married it’s a piece of paper and and ring ! I’ve been with my partner nearly 9 years had 3 babies and not married not hurt us or anybody else so stop hating !’

    Sam and Paul, who are currently filming season three of The Mummy Diaries, met in 2014 at a bar in Essex, shortly after she split with former co-star Joey.

    They announced they were expecting their first child together less than a year later, in August 2015, and welcomed baby Paul in December.

    Sam announced her second pregnancy back in July, and welcomed a little girl in November, who she called Rosie.