‘He’s not protected if you have a crash!’ Sam Faiers slammed over ‘unsafe’ car seat photo of baby Paul

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  • Sam Faiers has been criticised online for posting a car seat photo of son Paul that some are calling ‘unsafe’.

    If there’s one mum who receives criticism from online trolls like no other, it’s Sam – and it looks like she’s been put under the spotlight again.

    The mum of one shared an image of her son Paul to Instagram, and has received a stream of negative comments from followers saying that she’s putting her baby in danger.

    The image shows 11-month-old Paul sound asleep in a car seat, looking very sweet with his head leant to the side and eyes closed. But it was the choice of outfit that he was wearing that got most of the attention from Instagram users.

    Wearing a soft-looking, hooded, button-down jacket, Paul was strapped into his car seat, which for some followers was a big no-no. Concerns arose for his safety, as it’s known that wearing a thick jacket underneath a car seat doesn’t provide the right support for a baby if there’s a car crash.

    One Instagram user commented, ‘please take his coat off the in car seat. the straps aren’t close enough to their bodies when they wear thick coats and won’t protect them. not criticising, just educating. he’s gorgeous’ and another almost immediately agreed, ‘Please take his coat off and pull the straps close to his body. He’s not protected if you have a crash!’.

    Some fans came to Sam’s defence, pointing out that the item of clothing looks more like a cardigan than a thick coat, which shouldn’t be a problem.

    One follower commented, ‘Omg poor woman every single post ends up like this. It’s a cardigan not a coat and she may just been strapping him in but decided to take a picture first. At this rate she’ll stop posting as everything turns into a debate.’

    Another agreed, ‘Leave the woman alone ffs… you can clearly see it’s a cardigan not a thick coat. πŸ™ˆ I’m sure she’s not an idiot and not only knows how to take care of her son but wants to care for him and protect him too.’

    Do you think baby Paul’s jacket looks too thick to wear in a car seat? Or is Sam receiving unfair criticism? Let us know in the comment box.