‘It’s disgusting’ Sam Faiers sparks debate after zoo trip with son Paul

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  • Sam Faiers is under fire after posting on social media about a family trip to the zoo with son Paul.

    The mum-of-two shared glimpses of their family outing on Instagram, where baby Paul could be seen having fun at the zoo with his dad, also named Paul.

    Captioning the snaps, Sam wrote: ‘Fun family morning out. Paul’s favourite thing is animals 🐵 so wonderful to see his little face light up when he sees them in the real ☺️’.

    However, the post sparked controversy on social media, as many of Sam’s fans and followers were not happy that she took her child to the zoo.

    One follower said about the mum’s actions: ‘Animals should NOT be caged .. END OF. It’s disgusting’; while a second wrote: ‘Poor lion! You shouldn’t be encouraging this animal cruelty! People boycott sea world but will happily go to a zoo?! #doublestandards’.

    Another said: ‘Because of course all animals should be locked up for our viewing pleasure only 🙄 the arrogance and ignorance of some people….’

    A third wrote: ‘Awful… just to pleasure your son.. that’s why we have captive animals. For idiots like you 😢’.

    A fourth fan added to the debate: ‘We are not meant to bring are kids to see them locked up. If we want are kids to see them we get on a plane to see them in their own surroundings. We teach our kids this is not humane. An do we now care if kids are tanned. Whats the world coming too.’

    However, others defended the celeb mum, saying that they too take their kids to the zoo. One said: ‘Give the girl a break! I bet most of you name calling have been to a zoo at least once in your lifetime, it’s a normal thing to do take your kids to a zoo……! I’m taking my daughter to the zoo tomorrow does that make me disgusting 😂😂😂😂 get a grip’.

    Replying to comments that parents should take kids to see animals in their own environment, one said: ‘Because going to see tigers or lions is safe to take the kids in their own surroundings ain’t it? 🙈 they are not being harmed so I don’t see how this is in humane? Why are you so sad to comment,if you don’t like where she takes her kids to hen do something about it?’

    What do you think about the debate? Are you against zoos or do you think they’re important for children’s education? Head over to our Facebook group and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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