‘So rude!’ Sam Faiers defended by fans after being criticised for her ‘shattered’ appearance

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  • Sam Faiers has been defended by fans on social media, after people suggested that the new mum was keeping herself too busy and not resting enough, making her look ‘shattered’.

    New mum-of-two Sam took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her new baby girl wrapped up and swaddled to her chest while she kept her hands free to do ‘house jobs’.

    Looking to camera in the photo, Sam appeared to be make-up free in the candid image, which she captioned: ‘When you have house jobs to do but your baby wants a cuddle – this is the way forward.’

    While many people commented on how adorable the picture was, others couldn’t help but make observations about Sam’s appearance and share their concern that the mum-of-two, who only welcomed her new baby last month, wasn’t getting enough rest.

    ‘You look so tired love try and get some rest when you can,’ remarked one of Sam’s Instagram followers. ‘You look knackered, the prob with carrying her around is as she gets older that will be the only thing that comforts her,’ said another.

    ‘I hope you’re getting plenty of rest,’ added someone else.

    However, after seeing the comments about Sam’s appearance, the star’s fans were quick to rush to her defence.

    ‘You look shattered, but a good shattered,’ said one. ‘Glad to see you’ve posted a natural pic. As you know, you can’t beat being a mummy.’

    ‘Of course she’s knackered she’s got a 3 week old baby!’ pointed out someone else.

    ‘It’s nice to see a mum who’s happy to look natural and put a selfie up looking gorgeous but gorgeous because it’s natural, gorgeous because your a mum doing a wonderful job like hundreds of other amazing mum’s out there,’ commented another person.

    While another fan said: ‘I love how natural this pic is of u and baby! I used to hate it when people used to say how shattered i looked its so rude. Hahaha I still feel it now and mines 6months old and toddler 26 months i think you look amazing its great to see a celeb mummy looking natural and such a beauty!’