See inside Sam Faiers’ luxurious playhouse for Paul and Rosie

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  • Sam Faiers has pulled out all the stops for her children's outdoor playhouse, it's even got carpet! But do you think it's a little over the top?

    Mum-of-two Sam loves to post what she’s up to with the kids and she always shares super cute pictures of Paul and Rosie.

    The Mummy Diaries star doesn’t hold back when it comes to treating the kids and their playhouse is testament to this. Sam and her boyfriend Paul Knightley have spent more than £1,000 on Paul and Rosie’s outside play area and it’s fancier than some people’s houses!

    The luxury playhouse is from Total Sheds and Sam has even spent money getting it carpeted inside. Prices for the playhouses start from £995 and lounger costs £129.95 from the Fun Time Toy Company.

    The two-storey playhouse it kitted out with carpet, a sofa and over the heatwave Paul and Rosie kicked back their feet to relax on a mini sun-lounger which sits just outside of the playhouse’s porch.

    Sam isn’t the only celebrity mum to be going wild for these playhouses. One of her closest friends Luisa Zissman has also invested in a playhouse for her three daughters to enjoy and she too has pulled out all the stops.

    Luisa’s daughter’s playhouse is kitted out with a flower wall, wallpaper and a hot pink carpet for the stairs. Luisa has painted the playhouse pink with white shutters. She’s even put flower boxes on the windows of the playhouse and filled them with fake flowers.

    Sam and Luisa’s followers have mixed feelings when it comes to the playhouses with some branding them as excessive and others saying if they could afford to, they would definitely get one of these for their children.

    One person wrote: ‘This is perfection!! Such lucky bubbas 💛💛’.

    Another joked: ‘This is bigger than my flat…..its gorgeous x’.

    A third added: ‘Omg, whole other level 😳🙈🤣’.

    One thing’s for sure, these playhouses are a big step up from the Wendy houses we had…

    What do you think of these luxury playhouses? Are they too much or too fabulous?! Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation… 

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