‘I feel guilty all the time’ Sam Faiers opens up about the pressures of motherhood

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  • Sam Faiers has opened up about the reality of being a working mum, admitting she feels ‘guilty’ all the time.

    The reality TV star welcomed her son Paul in December 2015, and has since been really busy filming her new TV show The Mummy Diaries and running Minnie’s Boutique with her sister Billie.

    Juggling her career with motherhood hasn’t been easy for the 26-year-old, who’s admitted that she feels guilty about leaving baby Paul all the time when she goes to work.

    ‘I feel guilty all the time. To be honest I didn’t do much in the first year but in recent months I’ve been busy’, Sam told the Daily Mail.

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    ‘But when I’m in the car on the way home I’m like itching to see him. Even if it’s for three or four hours it is hard.’

    Sam, who’s still breastfeeding one-year-old Paul, also said she’s been taking inspiration from Tamara Eccleston.

    ‘She’s done so well and it’s what your circumstances are as a woman but a working mum couldn’t do that all the time.

    Sam breastfed her son Paul live on This Morning

    ‘It’s preference. I’m still feeding Paul now and people say when will you stop but I think I’ll do it when I’m ready and I suppose it’s the same for Tamara.

    ‘I feel no pressure to stop. I think he’s getting all the right nutrition and stuff from the food because we cook all his organic food and fish’, the mum said.

    Sam also opened up about her partner Paul’s decision to join social media, after he created an Instagram account.

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    ‘Paul joining social media was down to me. I encouraged him to make a page. I have so many gorgeous pictures of them both so I wanted him to share them too. He likes to approve the pictures.

    ‘I’ll show one of him on the beach and he’ll say don’t pose that. He doesn’t really go on there so he doesn’t want to follow other people.’