Sam Faiers shares tips on keeping Crohn's disease under control post-baby with fellow mum

The TV star was diagnosed with the condition a few years ago

Sam Faiers has dished out some helpful advice to a fellow sufferer of Crohn's disease.

The reality TV star hit Instagram yesterday to share a shot of herself out and about with new baby Rosie, and one mum saw it as an opportunity to ask Sam a question.

'How do you keep your Crohn's under control after baby? This is when mine flares', the fan commented below the picture. Replying to the mum, Sam confessed that both of her pregnancies actually helped her condition, but she still offered her advice on what she found beneficial to keep Crohn's under control.

'Really that's awful. I have been the opposite. Both pregnancies have helped massively', she said.

'Have you tried kefir, it's a drink. It's really good for u. Try drinking one a day. Get an organic one xx.'

Sam welcomed her second child with partner Paul Knightley in November last year. The smitten pair - who starred in series The Mummy Diaries together - are also parents to a little boy named Paul, two.

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Sam often speaks candidly about her condition, which causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. The exact cause of it is unknown but it's thought genetics and environmental factors play a role in the onset.

It took a while for medical professionals to determine that Sam suffered from Crohn's.

'I had lost a lot of weight, was in pain and vomiting and had diarrhoea. After lots of tests, they eventually diagnosed Crohn's. I was put on steroids, antibiotics and a shake diet while my gut healed', she told the Daily Mail in 2016.

'Doctors said I might need to have surgery to remove part of my intestine. It was all pretty scary.'

The 27-year-old mum-of-two decided to limit her alcohol intake in a bid to stay on top of her symptoms.

'I cut down on alcohol a lot when I got the Crohn's diagnosis. I just have the occasional glass of red wine with dinner or a gin and tonic.'


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