Sarah Michelle Gellar slammed by fans for taking her five-year-old son to get his nails done

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  • Sarah Michelle Gellar has been slammed by fans for taking her five-year-old son to get his nails done.

    Just like any other mum, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, who’s married to Freddie Prinze Jr., likes to treat her children and spend quality time with them.

    So when she was going for a pampering session at the salon, she took her eight-year-old daughter Charlotte and five-year-old son Rocky along to her manicure appointment.

    Taking to Instagram, the mum shared pictures of Rocky getting his nails to match his mum’s, but the snaps quickly split opinion.

    While some thought the mother and son’s matching nails were cute, others accused the actress of ‘child abuse’ and of promoting ‘sick ideologies’.

    One responded to a photo on Twitter saying: ‘A mother posting this to get attention. Something’s wrong with the society. #noOffence’

    Another commented: ‘This kind of think should be outlawed as child abuse! It can cause a child to doubt their true gender.’

    A third wrote: ‘5 years old…. you’re brainwashing this kids with your sick ideologies’, while a fourth added: ‘I know it’s just nail polish but we are living in a society that is promoting paedophilia in the media. Why are people teaching children to not accept their gender? Welcome to the New World Over!’

    Someone else also said: ‘As he grows older he’ll pay the bill for his moms gender politics. Unless she can isolate him from other boys who aren’t quite so gender neutral.

    However, others were quick to share their support for the star in defence of the critics. One dad tweeted: ‘Daughter got nail stuff for Christmas so I joined her doing her nails & did mine. It was three days before I had access to polish remover. I’m a big bloke with a beard & tats. Don’t even care.’

    Another man also commented, with a picture of his nails painted pink: ‘This was almost expertly applied by my talented little friend Marni… it’s not weird in her world, so why should it be in ours??? #zeroshame’