Experts issue warning about ‘Sarah’ scam messages targeting parents

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  • A money making scam that first started circulating last year has resurfaced, costing the victims £20 in the process.

    Text messages from ‘Sarah’ have been popping up on mobile phones up and down the country, asking the receiver to send them £20 ‘credit’ in the wake of a terrible car accident.

    The scammers have presumably chosen the name ‘Sarah’ as most of us will have a good friend of the same name.

    But the scammers are also writing to ‘Mum’ – knowing that women will respond to a distressed plea from their child.

    ‘I will go outside and phone you mum its really bad I need you to do me favour before it’s too late, as soon as you get my text please reply by text I need you to do me a favour mum, time is running out and i need you to do something mum,’ says one of the messages.

    Another says: ‘Hi its sarah. I need you to do me a favour if possible. I had a small accident & broke my fibula & left elbow. Can you text me back one you get this message x’.

    One of the more dramatic examples reads: ‘I’m on this mobile number please make sure you reply to this number, my friend didn’t make it he died before we got to hospital and his sister’s fighting for her life.’

    Responding to the message will mean the scammer then asks for £20 ‘phone credit’, apparently because normal phones are not allowed on the hospital ward where the scammer is ‘texting from’.

    If you receive a strange text from a ‘Sarah’, or from a child who would normally call, then do not send any codes or money – although you would do anything for your child, think rationally, assess the validity and report the message to Action Fraud on 03000 123 2040.

    ‘If you receive one of these text messages, don’t send any codes or money, delete it and report it to us,’ they advise.