School bans parents from speaking to teachers when picking up their children

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  • A school in Glasgow has BANNED parents from speaking to teachers when collecting their children at the end of the day.

    Parents at Sandwood Primary School will now be required to make an appointment through the school office if they wish to speak to a member of staff.

    Headteacher Fiona Donnelly said that the measure was necessary after an rise in ‘inappropriate behaviour’ from parents.

    She explained in a letter: ‘Staff will no longer be available at the end of the school day at dismissal to speak with parents/carers.’

    ‘Any parent/carer wishing to speak with a member of staff is required to make an appointment via the school office.’

    ‘This is due to a rising number of incidents where family members have behaved inappropriately towards members of staff, shouting, using offensive language and causing significant stress to staff.’

    ‘It is with regret that these procedures have been put in place as we recognise that many parents welcome a catch-up at the end of the day,’ she added.

    ‘However, I am not prepared for staff to face this at the end of a school day and for my pupils to witness this behaviour.’

    As a result of the ban, parents will be asked to wait in designated parent zones to collect their children, in order to avoid any further altercations.

    Any parent who does not follow the new process or behaves in an unreasonable manner could be issued with a warning that may prevent them from entering school grounds at all.

    A Glasgow City Council spokesman said of the new guidelines: ‘Inappropriate behaviour towards staff is unacceptable, will not be tolerated and action will be taken to set a good example to our children and young people.’

    Eileen Prior of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council added: ‘We have been assured that the letter does not mean parents cannot speak to teachers but the school wants discussions and updates to take place at the right time and place.’