Sheet masks for pregnant tums are the latest maternity trend

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  • The latest maternity beauty craze is perfect for mums-to-be looking to enjoy all the pampering they can before their little one arrives.

    Hatch Mama have launched sheet masks for pregnant bellies so you don’t have to settle for the standard face, hair or feet treatment.

    The Hatch Mama belly mask looks and acts just like a mask for your face would. Instead of having holes for your eyes, nose and mouth there is a tiny hole for your belly button.

    In recent years, Korean style sheet masks have become increasingly popular and although this mask may look a little bizarre, its use makes a lot of sense.

    Described as a belly facial, it’s designed to moisturise, reduce inflammation and even claims to help with the prevention of stretch marks.

    Image: Hatch Mama

    The masks cost £8 and can be purchased from the website.

    The main ingredient of the belly mask is aloe vera, hence its soothing properties. It also contains propolis, sometimes referred to as ‘bee glue’, which helps to rebuild damaged skin cells.

    According to the Hatch Mama website, the belly mask can also be used to soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum, so it could help soothe scars left from C-sections.

    Hatch Mama have a whole beauty range for new mums or mums-to-be. Other products include a belly oil, which helps with the reduction of stretch marks, and a nipple and lip rescue balm that creates a barrier against ‘chapping and chaffing’.

    Unfortunately the Hatch Mama beauty range is not yet available in the UK. However, given all the excitement we can imagine it won’t be long before they start international shipping.

    Would you give a belly mask a go or do you think it’s too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or over on our social media pages.

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