Shocking post-crash photo goes viral for demonstrating how important proper car seat use is for children

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  • A harrowing photograph showing the aftermath of a car crash has gone viral among parents on Facebook, after a mum explained how she saved her daughter’s life.

    The picture, posted on behalf of Kylee Barrett by fellow user of the social networking Heather Viers, highlights just how important it is to strap young children into a car seat correctly.

    ‘You guys know I’m always preaching car seat safety, right? THIS. IS. WHY,’ Heather’s status began.

    ‘This seat was restraining a 1 year old. Mom was driving and hit some black ice, then the vehicle rolled. The only injury the child has is a broken femur. Do y’all SEE this seat?!? IT STILL PROTECTED THAT CHILD.’

    Heather went on to explain that the seat that saved the youngster’s life was not a super expensive model.

    She continued: ‘This specific seat retails for $100. It’s NOT a “nice” seat, but it further illustrates the point that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your child safe.

    ‘Get your car seats checked by a CPST. Use it properly every.single.time. The life of your child relies on it. #rearfaceallthebabies.’

    In a bid to promote the message, the powerful post has since been shared by mums and dads over 16,500 times, with many also commenting on it.

    ‘The more I look at this, the more impressed I am by the engineering of this seat. Look at the way the two part back piece spiralled,’ one Facebook user said.

    ‘It basically wrapped that child up in a cocoon.’

    Another added: ‘Omg, thank god that baby is ok!!!’

    When someone asked about the extent of the mother’s injuries, Kylee revealed that she was left with some minor injuries.

    She replied: ‘I’m ok really sore and bruised but my kids are here driving me crazy and I couldn’t be happier.’