Mother of stillborn baby writes open letter to shop assistant who gifted her a blanket

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  • A mother of a stillborn baby who was incredibly touched by a shop worker’s heartfelt gesture has taken to Facebook to post an open letter thanking her.

    Jacinta Jane, from Australia, sadly learned that her baby boy, Sammy, had passed away while in the womb, and that she would have to induce labour.

    On her way to the hospital, she stopped by a shop to return all of Sammy’s baby clothes, as she couldn’t face looking at them once he was born.

    Even though Jacinta didn’t have the payment card on her, when shop assistant Jo learned that she was suffering the loss of her child, she overrode the shop’s return policy to allow all of the items to be returned. Jo even gifted a baby blanket to Jacinta out of her own pocket to wrap baby Sammy in.

    Jacinta couldn’t believe Jo’s kindness, so she wrote her an open letter thanking her.

    ‘This is an open letter to Jo, the beautiful lady who served me at Best and Less this morning,’ Jacinta begins.

    ‘You didn’t know me. But I came in to best and less this morning, to return some special suits I brought for my baby I was carrying.’

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    Jacinta continues: ‘I was told I couldn’t return them because I didn’t have the bank card with me that I used to purchase. And I broke down and explained I didn’t have it, and I was on my way to hospital to be induced to have my baby who had passed away, and I wanted them returned now because I don’t want to see them or deal with them when I get home.’

    ‘And in the split second that I said that, I seen the sincerity in your face. You got your manager to over ride that policy to give me my refund.’

    What Jo did next completely shocked Jacinta.

    ‘You then asked me if I had a blanket to wrap him in. I didn’t. It was one of the things I had to buy that morning.

    ‘You came and gave me a big hug and let me cry on your shoulder. You then took me to the blanket section and helped me pick out a blanket. Blue mink with white clouds on it.

    ‘It was perfect.’

    When Jacinta tried to pay for the blanket, Jo refused.

    ‘…you turned my money away and covered it out of your own pocket. I cried some more. And told you, you are such an angel. I was lost for words. I didn’t know how to thank you!!’

    Jacinta was understandably touched and emotionally affected by the gesture: ‘I cried all the way to the hospital. I sat out the front of the hospital for 15mins, just crying and clutching my baby’s blanket.’

    She ends the post saying how truly appreciated the blanket is, as well as Jo’s kindness to a complete stranger.

    ‘I don’t know you…But I want you to know how thankful I am to have met you and thankful for what you did for me and my little Sammy.

    ‘I just want you to know, it brought so much comfort cuddling his blanket through the contractions, and then wrapping him in it when he was born.

    ‘And I’ll never EVER forget what you did for me and my baby. You truly are an angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!’

    Jacinta’s post has since been shared over 3,000 times, with hundreds of comments.

    ‘Thank goodness for good people. A heart warming story of two women who understood the seriousness of what was going to happen later that day and reached out to one another. We need more cashiers like this good woman. My prayers are with the Mom and little Sammy. May he Rest In Peace,’ wrote one user.

    ‘I feel your pain Jacinta I am so glad that Best and Less was there to assist you in a difficult and upsetting time for you. Huge hugs to you’ wrote another.

    Jacinta told us that Jo has seen the post, and Jacinta plans on going back to Best and Less with flowers during Jo’s shift to thank her once again. Jo’s work colleagues have told Jacinta that Jo ‘has a massive heart of gold.’ We agree!

    It’s so heart-warming to see strangers helping others in such tragic circumstances.