Are you a pushy mum? Study reveals four in five mothers feel pressure to impress

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  • Do you usually brag about your children’s achievements on Facebook or buy them expensive gadgets? If the answer is yes, you might belong to the pushy mum crew!

    A new study of 1,400 British mums has revealed the telltale signs of competitives mothers and the impressive things they do to get ahead of the competition.

    If you feel pressured to impress your children’s teachers, then you’re not alone. Four in five mums said the same, while nearly half confessed they’re concerned about being considered the coolest mum in their child’s group of friends.

    To get in the little ones’ good graces, pushy mums let them eat what they want when they come over for dinner, but they’ll also secretly check their book bags to compare how their kids are doing at school and spy on what they’re reading.

    Being popular with staff at school is also a great concern for competitive mums, so they tend to be more than generous on end-of-term presents. The school play is a prime opportunity to show off their craft skills in making the children’s costumes, six in ten women said, but they also volunteer for school trips and events.

    The research, carried out to mark the release of Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?! on DVD and Blu-ray, revealed there’s no rest at home either. Competitive mums read with their children double the recommended amount of five times a week, and force them to practise their spellings so they come top of the class.

    Are you a pushy mum? Here’s some more signs to look out for!

    1. Your children always have the latest gadgets

    2. You have the flashiest and worst parked car at school

    3. The celebrations you plan for your children are always the best, no matter the occasion

    4. Raising the most money for charity is on top of your priority list, and you make sure your children come out on top

    5. Show and tell are used to show off your illustrious relatives

    6. Your child goes to every club possible, from chinese to computing

    7. Parents’ evening are a nightmare… for all the other parents

    8. The school run is no time for sweats, you dress to impress

    9. Your offspring are also the most stylish on non-school uniform day

    10. If GBBO was a lunch box making contest, you’d be crowned the winner

    11. Full-time employment does not deter you from attending every single school event

    12. You’re the queen of coffee mornings

    13. Your kids’ shoes are never not immacculate

    14. Punctuality is your middle name and you’re never late for school

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