‘Trying to take us back to the 1950s!’ Parents outraged by new Silver Cross toy range

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  • A new Silver Cross toy range has caused quite a stir, sparking outrage among mums who claim it is ‘sexist’ and reinforces 

    gender stereotypes


    The collection of doll’s prams in the ‘Play Like Mum’ toy range by Silver Cross is, according to the website, designed to ‘allow your little one to
    play just like mum’.

    While the range is aimed at children aged between three and seven-years-old, it’s been accused of being sexist for the way the images have been advertised specifically to little girls.

    Promoting the hashtag #likemotherlikedaughter on social media, Silver Cross has come under fire from lots of parents, with some mothers suggesting that the brand is ‘trying to take us back to the 1950s’.

    Posting on Twitter, campaign group Let Toys Be Toys said: ‘New range from @SilverCross_UK being pitched with a surprising angle for 2017. Why exclude one 1/2 of parenting role models from the get go?’

    They later added: ‘Still scratching our heads over new @SilverCross_UK range. Dads pushing prams are not radical & boys like pushing prams too!’

    And they weren’t the only ones, with many mothers slamming the way that the toy prams advertising excluded boys.

    One tweeted: ‘@SilverCross_UK joining @mothercareuk in trying to take us back to the 1950s.’

    Criticising the new range, a second added: ‘Their aim is to “help children play like mum”. Have we gone back to 1957?’ whilst another outraged Twitter user wrote: ‘What fresh hell of gender stereotyping is this?

    Even Supernanny Jo Frost got involved, tweeting: ‘Agree! Dads are parents too… not babysitters! @thedadnetworkuk @dad2summit’

    Many shared images of their sons playing with prams, suggesting that the campaign should have included boys as well, with others even pitching a new name for the campaign: #playlikeaparent.

    Following the Twitter backlash, the Play Like Mum team have issued this statement on their own Twitter account: ‘Play Like Mum is an independent trading company which is licensed to manufacture dolls prams bearing the Silver Cross brand name and has no further connection with Silver Cross or any of its subsidiaries.

    ‘Their business operations are independent and distinct from the leading British nursery brand and therefore Silver Cross has no influence on the marketing activity executed by the Play Like Mum business.

    ‘Silver Cross UK is a proud supporter of gender equality, and is committed to meeting the needs of modern parents. Silver Cross believes in diverse parenting and play, with all those role models involved, be it mum, dad, grandparents, guardians or carers.’

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