‘We are locked and loaded, ready and waiting’ Spencer Matthews hopes his son arrives in time for his 30th birthday

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  • Spencer Matthews is all set for his son's arrival and would love for him to be born on his 30th birthday!

    Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams announced they were expecting their first child together back in March. With the baby’s potential arrival any day now, Spencer revealed that he would love for his son to be born on his birthday (6 August).

    Speaking to GoodtoKnow Spencer gushed: ‘That would be the best gift, ever. It would supersede all previous gifts as well.’

    Spencer and Vogue have had a busy last few months as the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony and have been preparing everything for their son’s arrival.

    The couple are super excited to become parents and are literally counting down the days. Spencer said: ‘We both love children and are surrounded by children whenever we can be. We have some friends that have kids and we spend a lot more time with them and we are very excited about the prospect of tackling parenthood.’

    Spencer feels incredibly lucky to have Vogue by his side and is looking forward to taking their relationship to the next step.

    He gushed: ‘The reality of settling down and being happy is no longer something that we both are looking for it is what we have so we feel lucky and blessed and delighted.’

    Just a few weeks after announcing they were having a child together Vogue accidentally let slip that the couple were having a baby boy during a TV interview.

    Recalling the moment Spencer joked: ”I personally was quite relieved. It meant that I wasn’t the one to trip up!’

    All the excitement surrounding their son’s imminent arrival has taken the place of any potential nerves as Spencer boasts: ‘I wouldn’t say I was nervous at all really.’

    He added: ‘I think we are ready we are very organised with it. The hospital is just over the road and the baby room is pretty much done. We’ve got everything we need and each other and we trust each other to be the best parents that we can be and ultimately we are pretty organised. So we are locked and loaded, ready and waiting.’

    Can you tell I forced him into this shot!

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    Although the couple have agreed that they’ll both be in the delivery room they are not set on a specific birth plan.

    He revealed: ‘I think we are both going to be in the delivery room, I’ll remain behind Vogue because I think, obviously, to preserve her modesty and also umm we want to go through it together.’

    Spencer added: ‘Vogue and I are pretty stable, pretty confident people and we are relaxed and trust our doctor and we will see what the best option is kind of as it happens.’

    Spencer and Vogue have chatted baby names but we’ll have to wait and see if it is in the top baby names list for 2018…

    He said: ‘We are pretty set on a name but we will keep that to ourselves for now. But yeah we are pretty dead set unless the child is born and looks nothing like the name. I don’t really know how people judge what a child looks like but we will see and we are pretty dead set.’

    We hope Spencer gets his wish and that the couple’s baby boy doesn’t keep his parents waiting too long before making an arrival…


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