Stacey Soloman reveals she was accused of child abuse after bathing with her sons

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  • Mum-of-two Stacey Soloman has revealed she was accused of child abuse after posting a picture of herself in the bath with her two sons.

    Loose Women regular and mum-of-two Stacey often posts pictures of her two sons and it’s clear how much she loves them.

    Stacey has also shared snaps of herself kissing her 10-year-old Zachary and six-year-old Leighton on the lips, which is something David Beckham faced lots of criticism for when he posted a selfie of himself and Harper last summer. And more recently, Jessica Biel was branded ‘strange’ for kissing her son on the lips.

    Despite also receiving a wave of negative comments Stacey says she will not change her behaviour.

    In her latest column for The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, she discusses the time she was accused of child abuse after she shared a picture of herself in the tub playing with her sons.

    Stacey recalls comments such as: ‘wrong’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘child abuse’. However Stacey says she will not change her actions and that she and her boys do not see anything wrong with the behaviour.

    Writing in her column Stacey explains: ‘There is nothing that infuriates me more than people making you feel like something completely natural and beautiful is wrong…

    ‘There is NOTHING sexual or remotely disgusting with kissing your baby, who likely entered the world through your vagina and possibly fed from your breast might I add. Surely if you’re repulsed by kissing on the lips those facts may be tough to swallow too.’

    As for the bath debate, Stacey thinks it is ridiculous that people are so concerned about her being naked in front of her naked children in a bath. At first the comments made her question her behaviour but then she concluded that it was other people’s issue not her own.

    So, last night I spent the first night without my children coming in to my room and sleeping with me in 9 years. I'm sure a lot of people will have something to say about that but I honestly don't care. I love sleeping with my children and would do it forever if I could. Those cuddles, the kick in the face, the kisses in the morning. I live for that. However I have come to the realisation that as much as I love it, I also value my sleep, and relationship and I know that with extra special people coming into my life there simply isn't enough room for us all and everybody benefits from a good nights sleep. So, as daunting as it was change for me (selfishly) it was an even bigger change for the boys, so I hunted and hunted and found @andersons.themes.and.dreams who I got to design this incredible dream bed with to ease the transition. The truth is I didn't realise how easy it would be. I didn't even have to spend the usual 35 minutes saying "half an hour boys, 20 minutes now, come on bed time boys, bed time BED TIME" they were asking me "is it bed time yet mummy" and at 7pm they ran up chose there bunks and went to sleep. I assumed the novelty would wear off and they'd wake up in the night and come in but, I woke up to an empty bed after a full nights sleep and to my surprise there they were fast asleep in their bed. As happy as I am that this is the next phase and they're loving it (especially thanks to their amazing bed). I can't help but feel a little sad that that's probably the first day of the rest of my child free bed time life 😪

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    She wrote: ‘If someone else sees the naked body always in a sexual light that’s their issue, right? I’ve spent most of my life as a single parent, where the majority of mornings were spent bathing or showering with my children because that way I could see them and make sure they were ok whilst I got ready.’

    Stacey explains that until the boys say they want to act differently, she’ll continue to shower them with the same love and affection that she always has.

    She said: ‘But eventually they’ll let you know when they’re over the bath times, cuddles and kisses. And that will be a very sad day!’

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