Stacey Solomon admits pregnancy left her teeth ‘brown and decayed’: ‘I felt really down’

Stacey Solomon admits that pregnancy ruined her teeth.

Stacey Solomon postnatal depression
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Stacey Solomon has revealed that being pregnant ruined her teeth and she still longs to have a ‘perfect smile’.

The mother-of-two has admitted she was so insecure about her teeth that she spent more time with her dentist than her midwife during her second pregnancy.

Stacey admitted that she gets asked about her super white teeth all the time, but the reality underneath her veneers are ‘brown pegs’.

‘Whatever was going on with me decided to settle around four months into my pregnancy, but I was left with brown, decayed teeth and, for the first time ever, I felt really down about my smile,’ she explained.

The former X Factor star described how she couldn’t eat anything that was too hot or cold because the pain was “excruciating” and she couldn’t even breath cold air through her mouth.

‘At that point I wasn’t smiling at all. I was embarrassed and felt really awkward about my teeth,” she wrote in her Fabulous magazine column.

‘When speaking to my dentist he told me he couldn’t shave my teeth as they still weren’t strong enough but because of the effect my pregnancy had on my teeth he agreed they needed some help to get them back to the way they were.

‘So instead of the usual shave-down veneers he suggested Lumineers, which are placed on top of the tooth you have left.’

However, Stacey wasn’t happy with the procedure and found it hard to close her mouth properly with her new ‘bulbous’ teeth.

The TV presenter longed for her pre-pregnancy teeth and decided to go back to her dentist to have her teeth shaved down - and she was pleased with the results.

‘I could finally close my mouth properly and I was a couple of shades down from the brilliant white I had been sporting,’ she said.

‘I was happy with the job they’d done - it was much better than before.’

However, Stacey urged those considering veneers to think twice about having the procedure done.

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‘I have those make-up free days when I just want to look and feel totally natural which I can only if I keep my mouth closed. Because no matter which way you look at it, fake teeth always look fake,’ she explained.

‘So to anyone thinking of undergoing surgery on their teeth for cosmetic reasons I urge you to really look in the mirror and appreciate how beautiful your natural, character-filled smile already is.

‘Because once you go down that road there really is no going back.’


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